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Learn more about available virus testing options at University Park and all other Penn State locations.

More about the dashboard

As part of a layered approach to mitigating the spread of coronavirus, Penn State is committed to conducting random testing on all of its campuses.

For the spring 2021 semester, the University will be conducting random daily surveillance testing of between 1% and 2% of the University’s population of students and employees living, learning or working on campus as well as those who access campus. This includes all employees who are working on campus and students who are taking in-person classes or living within 20 miles of a campus. This random testing selects individuals without respect to risk factors. Student-athletes tested through Intercollegiate Athletics are included in the random screening count. The prevalence in this group is an estimate of the prevalence of COVID-19 in the student, staff and faculty population. The selection of individuals into this random testing may be adapted based on lessons learned, and testing resources will pivot as needed based on surveillance data outcomes. The results of all random testing will be reported on the COVID-19 dashboard, which will be updated twice a week.

The dashboard also incorporates data from on-demand testing on campus, which reflects individuals who are symptomatic, individuals who have been identified as contacts of positive cases, or individuals who self-identify as being at high risk of exposure. This is a self-selected group of individuals seeking testing because of symptoms or exposure risk and is expected to be positive at a higher rate than the random testing.

Results from on-demand testing are sent directly to the Department of Health by the University. Results are reported in the ZIP code where the individual currently resides. Results from random screening tests are sent from the vendor to the Department of Health by the vendor with which the University is partnering to conduct the testing. Penn State data and Department of Health data representations may vary due to the time lag between test collection and test results from the various testing laboratories.

Additional state and federal resources:

View the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Review the latest information about coronavirus from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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