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A visitor is scheduled to come to campus. Can they still come?

Limiting the density of our on-campus population reduces the chances of incidental contact that spreads illness. To further reduce the chances of exposure, we are developing protocols to limit public access to campus buildings. Units are strongly encouraged to continue to engage with visitors remotely whenever possible. Students should not have visitors, and information for prospective students about virtual campus visits is available here.

Employees wishing to have a non-employee visit campus for any period of time must make a request to their unit executive. These individuals may not meet the definition of a Visiting Scholar (guidance about Visiting Scholars is available here). Examples of visitors include, but are not limited to, those wishing to audit a class, those wishing to participate in a meeting in person, invited speakers, guest lecturers/speakers in a class, or research collaborators making a short-term visit. The request to the unit executive should include where the visitor is traveling from, why the interaction cannot take place virtually, and the length of the proposed visit. When reviewing requests, unit executives should give attention to the locations from which visitors are traveling and the COVID-19 rates in those locations.

Visitors must comply with all COVID health and safety guidelines during travel and while on campus.