Are there food safety guidelines for gatherings and events? 

During gatherings and events, approved by your unit administrator, the goal is to minimize groups of unmasked people before, during and after eating indoors.

Key approaches for such gatherings:

— Wear a mask except when you are actively eating or drinking, including wearing a mask while obtaining food. Masks help protect both you and those around you.

— Shift to outdoors whenever possible for the program and/or dining.

— Limit alcohol consumption. Consuming alcohol may prolong the time you are not wearing your mask.

— Follow basic personal hygiene, facility sanitation practices (e.g., general cleaning of eating and contact surfaces) and food safety practices guided by your campus food service provider.  A list of approved caterers for each campus is available online.

If indoors:

— Plan for speed of service and limit queuing and contact by providing pre-packaged or served meals.

— Display appropriate signage about masking, as well as message in advance that masking is required when not actively eating or drinking.

— Limit the period of unmasked contact, as well as the amount of time and the number of individuals you are in contact with.

— Plan and limit capacity based upon expected function.

— Select locations with proximity to hand washing facilities. Otherwise provide hand sanitizer so people clean their hands before obtaining or consuming their food and drink.

— Use disposables and trash receptacles to allow attendees to quickly and easily depart.

Review the University’s “In-person Meetings, Events and Gatherings” guidance for additional planning and approval information. See additional CDC guidance on eating and large gatherings.