Are there guidelines for eating indoors?

The following provides guidance for students and employees on eating indoors including in break areas. This guidance has been updated as we prepare for late fall and winter season and the availability of outdoor areas become limited.

Basic guidelines:

— Wear a mask except when you are actively eating or drinking. Masks help protect both you and those around you.

— Limit the period of unmasked contact, as well as the amount of time and the number of other individuals you are in contact with.

— The safest indoor places to eat are in private spaces or uncrowded public spaces. Maintain as much distance between individuals as possible.

— The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated there is no evidence that handling or eating food spreads COVID-19, but it is always important to follow good personal hygiene and basic food safety practices.

Eating in the workplace and break areas:

— To limit unmasked occasions while actively eating or drinking, it is recommended that you eat at your office desk or designated break areas.

— Minimize extended periods of contact with multiple employees eating within the same space or limited seating capacity in break areas by staggering mealtimes.

— Further, practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands before and after eating, as well as cleaning and sanitizing your food preparation surfaces and high-touch areas before and after.

Eating in the academic buildings:

— Academic units may designate areas within their facilities to support additional indoor break areas. When designated, it is recommended that you eat in these designated areas. Academic units should have their Facility Coordinators contact the Office of Physical Plant / Campus Maintenance & Operations to coordinate services in these designated areas.

— Eating in classrooms remains prohibited in accordance with Policy AD62 Use of General Purpose Classrooms.

Review the University’s “Working on Campus” guidance and Human Resources “Back to State” guidance for additional information. See additional CDC guidance on eating and small gatherings.