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Does the University have a back-up plan for spring?

Since the onset of the pandemic, Penn State experts in epidemiology, infectious diseases and public health have continued to track current trends and monitor local, state and national disease data. The University is working closely with officials from the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Health, as well as local public and private organizations, to prepare for spring and to carefully monitor the prevalence of coronavirus on our campuses and in our local communities. The University has in place required mask wearing and physical distancing requirements, as well as a random surveillance testing program to detect asymptomatic infected individuals and take proactive steps to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Based on these protocols, the guidance from state and national officials, and in consultation with faculty and other experts the University is prepared to adjust its approach for spring given a multitude of factors, including a severe flu season, and will be ready to make changes and shift to remote learning if necessary.