How can academic unit heads assist instructors with handling extended absences for themselves or their students?

While there have been processes in place since early in the pandemic for accommodating COVID-19 absences, a committee composed of faculty and administrators from across the University has generated a guidance document to assist academic unit heads in planning for instances of extended faculty absences or multiple student absences in a single class.

Instructors may encounter situations when the instructor, a student or multiple students need to be absent for an extended time for reasons related to COVID-19, like quarantine or isolation. Such issues may strain unit instruction capacity or complicate course delivery, further generating questions on how to proceed.

Units across the University have put forth great efforts and found creative solutions to meet departmental needs for maintaining an optimal learning environment during such challenges. The new guidance aims to assist unit heads in their continued efforts of managing and supporting contingency planning for their faculty and instructors.

More information on the guidance is available via the Keep Teaching.