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How did the University make decisions about spring semester?

The University’s top priority for spring planning, as it was for fall, is the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and local community members. A working group with more than 20 members from across the University considered a variety of options for spring to build on strategies from the fall, while considering the need to adapt quickly and make changes on a campus-by-campus basis considering ongoing uncertainties due to the pandemic. Following the exploration of nine scenarios, University leadership finalized a spring plan grounded in continuing to meet or exceed health and safety guidelines as outlined by the Department of Education, as well as providing flexibility to students to help them meet their academic goals and continue their academic progress. The selected spring semester plan also offers instructors choice in how classes are delivered and maximizes the safe use of facilities to support in-person modes of instruction and to give students access to spaces to connect to remote learning. The University is prepared to be flexible and to make potential changes, if needed, including shifting to a remote learning, based on a variety of health and safety factors and continuous monitoring of the virus.