How will students be notified if they receive an American Rescue Plan grant, and how do they access the funds?

Students who are offered a first-round grant will receive notification via their Penn State email account from the Office of Student Aid. The subject line on the email will be “American Rescue Plan Fall Award.” Students will need to follow the instructions provided to accept or decline the funding in LionPATH, or to request a lower award amount based on their individual circumstances. Students who accept their grant will be able to choose if they would like the money to be refunded to them directly, applied to an outstanding balance on their student account for fall 2021, or a combination of the two options. 

Students requesting a refund will be provided with information on how to enroll in eRefund to receive the funds via direct deposit, or to update their bank account information for eRefund. Students who do not enroll in eRefund will have a paper check sent to their permanent address on file. 

Students who are awarded a first-round grant must act to accept it by Nov. 15, as all unclaimed funds will be awarded to other students during the second-round application process.