I am an employee of Penn State and have symptoms of COVID-19 or I have tested positive for COVID-19, what do I do?

Employees exhibiting symptoms are expected to notify their supervisor immediately. Symptomatic employees are expected to not come to work and will be sent home if symptoms begin while working on-site. Supervisors will refer employees to Occupational Medicine for an evaluation and determination of when the employee is safely able to return to work. The employee will be expected to use accrued sick, vacation or personal time (if available) or be placed on an unpaid leave status for the absence to cover any time off until they are released to return to work by Occupational Medicine. The employee may work remotely during the isolation period (with approval from their manager) if their symptoms are mild and their position permits.

Employees can contact Occupational Medicine at psuoccmed@psu.edu or call 814-863-8492. If you are a Technical Service employee, please contact your supervisor who will then contact Occupational Medicine.