If an employee wishes to continue remote work during this interim period, how do they submit their request and who will decide if that request should be granted?

Staff that need to continue to work remotely at least some of the time, must discuss their request with their supervisor. Staff may request to work remotely during fall 2021 by making a request to their supervisor. This process is outlined in the “Fall 2021 Process for Return to On-Site Work for Staff.

Supervisors should first review the “Supervisors’ Guide to Assessing Suitability for Remote Work” to assist them in making a determination about whether the employee’s work can effectively be performed remotely. Supervisors should then evaluate whether all of the below criteria are met:

1. The employee is in good standing and has met or exceeded expectations in the last two performance review cycles. New hires may be approved for remote work, but any such arrangements for fall 2021 should be evaluated by the supervisor midsemester.

2. The employee’s work can effectively be performed remotely during the fall semester.

3. The remote work arrangement being proposed enables the employee to continue responsibilities relating to any in-person interactions with students, visitors, customers and fellow employees.

4. The continued interim remote work request does not require unit resources beyond those that have already been devoted to remote work during the pandemic.

Supervisors must also take into consideration their unit’s expectations regarding on campus work. If, in the judgment of the supervisor, all of the above criteria have been met, then they will confer with the unit executive who, in consultation with the unit Human Resources Strategic Partner, will determine whether final approval may be granted.

Faculty members who have a health condition that they believe precludes them from teaching in person should visit the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs website and look under the “Instructional Guidance” section for information on the adjustment process and the Faculty Work Adjustment Request Form. Note that approval for a work adjustment through this process is limited to approval for remote work from within the United States.

After review by a unit Human Resources Strategic Partner, either the request will be sent to unit academic leaders for further consideration and discussion with the faculty member and a final determination, or the request will be denied and the faculty member and unit executive will be informed by the HRSP who received the request. Faculty members’ personal health information will not be shared with the academic unit.

All employees with documented disabilities also may request reasonable accommodations under the ADA by contacting the University’s ADA coordinator.

The employee’s preference to work remotely is not, by itself, a sufficient justification for approval to work remotely. Approval or denial of a work-related exception is not predictive of approval or denial of a longer-term remote work arrangement. All arrangements approved for fall 2021 will continue to be considered temporary COVID-related remote work arrangements.