I’m a student. How do I get tested if I have to return to my campus community early or if I remained on campus over winter break?

Students are urged to postpone their return to their campus community unless it is necessary for work, academic-program-specific reasons or other important circumstances. All students who have traveled or have remained in their campus communities over break are required to participate in COVID-19 testing and have a negative result from a University provided test on file. This includes graduate students or students who have remained on campus during the winter break. Self-test kits will be provided to students at no cost. The University plans to have a test result on file for every student within 72 hours before they are back on campus. Students who have a positive test on file with the University from within the last 90 days do not need to complete this testing.

If you must return to your campus community before Feb. 15, please follow these steps to make sure you complete the testing process before you return.