Regardless of eligibility for an American Rescue Plan grant, are there additional resources available to support students experiencing financial hardship and/or distress?

Complete Penn State provides resources such as financial aid for students who are within one or two semesters of completing their first associate or bachelor’s degree and experience a situation that negatively impacts their ability to complete their degree. Eligible students are invited to request support here.

For assistance in navigating state and federal assistance programs, Student Affairs’ Guide to Public Assistance website can help. In addition, the Office of Student Care and Advocacy can assist students with financial issues and help students apply for the Student Emergency Fund.

In addition to financial resources, the global pandemic has created additional need for mental health support. Penn State encourages any student experiencing mental health distress to reach out to local campus and community resources. For emergency mental health needs, Penn State’s 24/7 Crisis Line is available at 877-229-6400 for enrolled students or individuals concerned about enrolled students. The Penn State Crisis Text Line is also available for 24/7 mental health support by texting “LIONS” to 741741. Individuals supporting students can learn more about how to help students in distress via the University’s Red Folder website.