What are the masking requirements for spring 2022?

All students, faculty, staff and visitors — including those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated — are required to wear masks indoors at all campuses.

In alignment with CDC guidance, community members will be required to wear masks indoors, including in all classrooms — regardless of size — as well as in meeting rooms, common areas in residence halls, and at any indoor events. Individuals are urged to wear well-fitting, multi-layered masks in accordance with the latest University and federal guidelines.

Individuals may remove their masks while actively eating or drinking, although eating in classrooms is prohibited. Students living in residence halls will not be required to wear a mask in their individual living space. In accordance with CDC guidance, all individuals must wear a face mask while using public transportation.

In addition, employees with individual offices are not required to wear a mask in their personal office. Additional guidance regarding masking in offices is available here. All individuals must wear a face mask while using public transportation and in some additional settings such as when visiting on-campus health care facilities and when conducting in-person research involving human subjects.

Students, faculty, staff members and visitors should plan to wear masks indoors on campus until the current COVID-19 surge subsides; the University will provide an update when masking is no longer required.