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What are the University’s instructional plans for the spring 2021 semester?

The flexible instructional modes developed for the fall 2020 semester, along with limited classroom capacities, will remain in place at all Penn State campuses in spring 2021, provided that the public health landscape allows for some in-person instruction. The University is taking these measures to maintain social distancing protocols and to meet or exceed state and national health and safety guidelines during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Course delivery options will include the following, with LionPATH codes listed in parentheses:

In-Person Instruction (COVID In-Person) — Students meet in the assigned classroom at the time assigned in the course schedule.

Mixed-Mode Instruction (COVID Mixed Mode) — Instructors deploy a combination of instructional modes to meet social distancing requirements.

Remote Synchronous Instruction (COVID Remote) — Students attend all classes remotely at the scheduled time.

Remote Asynchronous Instruction (COVID Web) — Course material is made available for students to work through on their own schedules.

Students will be able to access the spring 2021 schedule of classes with information about the instructional mode for each course on LionPATH beginning Monday, Sept. 28.

Additional information about the spring 2021 semester is available at https://keepteaching.psu.edu/spring-2021-planning/ and in this Penn State News article.