What if my office space is open concept or if we work in close quarters – how can we all safely return?

Units must consider the maximum occupancy of office spaces that takes current physical distancing guidelines into account. Employee on-site work may need to be staggered in order to comply with these guidelines.  

Units should work with their Pandemic Safety Officer and Facility Coordinator to ensure that Physical Plant building operations and custodial services are adequate for the employee population in each building. Units must see that there are adequate procedures, PPE, and cleaning supplies for an increase in employees onsite to maintain physical distancing and proper hygiene practices.  

Additionally, the return to campus work is in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health guidelines. Currently, protocols include wearing face masks and adhering to physical distancing practices, including maintaining six feet of physical distance between another person. 

The transition strategy includes flexibility as state and federal guidelines may change. Additional information about masking and physical distancing is available on the Health Guidelines page

For employees that are working in this type of situation, it is advised that they meet with their supervisor or academic unit leader to discuss working arrangements upon the return to campus work for all employees.