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What is the status of in-person meetings, events, youth programs and camps, and other gatherings?

Effective July 1, requests for meetings of more than 10 but fewer than 250 participants must submitted for approval to unit executives. With approval, meetings can be scheduled at campuses located in counties that are in the “Green” phase of reopening the Commonwealth, taking into account the maximum occupancy of the meeting room that allows attendees to maintain at least six feet of distance between participants. No large events with more than 249 attendees may be scheduled.

Meeting/event organizers requesting permission for a meeting or event of more than 10 but fewer than 250 participants must:

- Explain how the proposed event is in alignment with the mission of the university;
- Provide justification as to why the meeting or event cannot take place virtually or in a hybrid format (some participants in person and others virtually);
- Provide the total number of individuals attending the meeting or event, which must include the employees working the event;
- Include a plan that outlines how the organizers will meet the state of Pennsylvania’s regulations. Masks and other required PPE must be worn if the event is indoors and plans for abiding by social distancing guidelines must be included;
- Provide evidence that employees requesting to attend the meeting or event have been approved via the Return to Work process. A request must be made to return employees to the workplace at https://sites.psu.edu/returntowork/;
- If the event is on campus, work with the Office of Physical Plant to determine the room capacity that allows for social distancing;
- Keep a list of all attendees, the ‘return to work’ approval status of employees, the locations from which non-employees are traveling, and their telephone numbers for contact purposes.

Events should be scheduled with the full understanding that if the county in which the campus is located moves to the Yellow or Red phase, the guidelines for the county must be followed and the event may need to be cancelled.

At campuses whose counties are in the Yellow or Red phase, no meetings or events with more than 10 attendees may be scheduled. For essential large events expected to have more than 10 attendees at campuses whose counties are in the Yellow or Red phase, approval to hold the event must be sought from Executive Vice President and Provost, Nicholas P. Jones, at provost@psu.edu. All requests must include a description of how social distancing will be maintained at the event.

Meetings that require travel between campuses that are in the Yellow or Red phase, or where participants are from states where cases of COVID-19 are rising, should only be permitted if there are special circumstances and with unit executive approval. All Penn State employees must follow existing travel guidance.

Unit executives should elevate meeting/event requests to the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs if there is uncertainty about whether the meeting/event should be approved.