Mask Up or Pack Up

Our Community.
Our Responsibility.

Whether on or off campus, we are all in this together.

You’ve shown us your resilient spirit, and normalcy is on the horizon – but only if we don’t let up. Keep doing the right thing for the community we love.

Do it for the "we!"

Penn State Football Head Coach James Franklin encourages the entire Penn State community to wear masks, maintain social distance and practice good personal hygiene.

Together let's show the world the power of our collective efforts to protect our community.

It'll take all of us doing all of this:

Wear A Mask
On and off campus. And yes, that means over your nose.

Physically Distance
6 feet apart.
Or the length of two Nittany Lion tails.

Wash Hands
For 20 seconds.
Or (fun tip) sing one verse of the Alma Mater.

Quarantine if Exposed
For at least 7-10 days (depending on testing).
Seek medical attention if you start feeling symptoms.

Follow Testing Protocols
It'll help stay on top of cases, on and off campus.

Limit Travel and Visitors
The less exposure to people the better.

Follow #MaskUpOrPackUp to see who’s masking up for our community.

"What keeps me hopeful is how resilient people are in the face of this. Seeing how people have supported each other gives me a lot of promise for the future."

Sheridan Miyamoto
Assistant professor, College of Nursing and Child Maltreatment Solutions Network; principal investigator, Safe-T Center

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