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This website is dedicated to providing all Penn Staters with the information and resources they will need to succeed as the world navigates the coronavirus pandemic.

Share Your Vaccination Status

After receiving their final dose, students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to share their vaccination status with the University to help inform University operations and COVID-19 management plans.
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Latest updates

Many rapid antigen test kits expiration dates have been extended. Please refer to this FDA website to check on expiration date extensions. If your test kits are confirmed as expired, please dispose of them and obtain new test kits.

Faculty and staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home from work, contact their supervisor and their primary care provider and get tested for COVID-19.

If the test result is positive, the employee should continue to stay home from work and contact their supervisor regarding taking time off or working remotely.

Faculty and staff with a positive test result also should:

  • Complete the COVID-19 Positive Form online.
  • Upon completion of the COVID-19 Form, the employee and their supervisor will receive important information via email regarding their status.
  • The employee should utilize appropriate earned time off COV Reason Codes
Additional information is available on the Penn State Human Resources website.

The University strongly recommends face masks be worn indoors on campuses in counties designated by the CDC to have high COVID-19 Community Levels.

Even on campuses in counties with low or medium COVID-19 Community Levels, the University encourages anyone who wishes to wear mask indoors on these campuses to continue to do so.

Face masks are required in facilities providing health care and in other locations where required by law, including indoors at the College of Medicine, Penn State Health locations, University Health Services and other campus health care centers.

Masks also are required for some in-person human subjects research. Masking is optional for in-person human subjects research that recruits healthy participants; for studies recruiting high-risk participants (as defined by the CDC), masking continues to be required for both participants and study team members at all indoor locations.

Employees at Penn State who work in their own individual offices on mask-optional campuses may request that visitors wear masks while in their private offices, and faculty may request that their students wear masks during classes. The University asks that community members cooperate respectfully with these requests.

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