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This website is dedicated to providing all Penn Staters with the information and resources they will need to succeed as the world navigates the coronavirus pandemic.

Share Your Vaccination Status

After receiving their final dose, students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to share their vaccination status with the University to help inform University operations and COVID-19 management plans.
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Learn how and where to get tested; how and where to quarantine and isolate; and more about contact tracing.

With required testing paused and low usage of voluntary and asymptomatic testing, the COVID-19 dashboard also is paused. Historical data remains available.

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Latest updates

On March 30, 2022, the federal government launched, a toolkit to provide information on resources for masks, treatment, vaccine, and testing related to COVID-19. The resources are searchable by county and are presented in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. The federal government is also making the resources available over the phone through the National Hotline at 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489), which supports over 150 languages. More information can be found on this White House fact sheet.

The University asks that students, faculty and staff cooperate with requests that masks be worn in classrooms and individual offices, however it is up to each individual to make a decision about whether or not they wish to wear a mask. At this time, individuals cannot be required to wear a mask, except in situations where masks are required by law.

Faculty members and graduate teaching assistants who want students to continue to wear masks during their classes should communicate this preference directly to their students during class time or in advance via email or Canvas. It is recommended that faculty members and graduate teaching assistants provide the reason behind their request that students wear masks and communicate that the University encourages students, faculty and staff to cooperate with requests that masks be worn in classrooms and individual offices. Individuals who feel like they need an accommodation should contact the Office of Affirmative Action.

Yes. Faculty and staff at Penn State who work in their own individual offices may request that visitors wear masks while in their private offices and the University asks that community members respectfully cooperate with these requests. In other workspaces, employees are asked to be cognizant of others’ masking preferences when working in shared spaces and to consider wearing a mask themselves.

At all Penn State locations except the College of Medicine, Penn State Health and other facilities/buildings with specific masking requirements, masking is optional for in-person human subjects research that recruits healthy participants, as of March 23. For studies recruiting high-risk participants (as defined by the CDC), masking continues to be required for both participants and study team members at all indoor locations.

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