I have a student who says they are self-quarantining due to suspected close contacts, but they have not made an official report to the University. How should I advise them?

To limit community spread and transmission of COVID-19, any student who suspects or has confirmed that they are a close contact of an infected individual must self-quarantine, and is strongly encouraged to self-report by filling out Penn State’s contact tracing referral form, or by calling Penn State Contact Tracing at 814-863-8800. Penn State Contact Tracing will review the information and contact the student.

Though they cannot require it, instructors should strongly encourage students to self-report, to allow the contact tracing process to begin. In addition, any faculty or staff member may refer directly to contact tracing using the link above. To encourage students to engage in responsible behavior, instructors are encouraged to treat such absences as unavoidable under Senate Policy 42-27.

If a student is determined to have met the standard for a close contact, the student will be provided quarantine support and guidance, and their in-person instructors will be notified in accordance with standard processes. Not every reported situation meets the standard for a close contact. In those cases, students will be advised to continue with normal activities following all safety protocols, and instructors will not be notified.