What should I do if a staff member I supervise refuses to follow testing requirements?

In situations where an employee is refusing to adhere to testing requirements, the steps below should be taken:

  • The manager should have a conversation with the employee to remind them of the testing requirements.
  • If the employee does not comply with the requirement a second time, the employee will be sent home and must utilize accrued vacation or personal time (if available) or be placed in an unpaid leave status until the test is taken.
  • The manager should discuss the situation with their HR strategic partner, who will in turn consult with Labor and Employee Relations. Upon the employee’s return to on-site work, steps should be taken to document the violation using HR78, Staff Employee Failure to Meet Acceptable Standards of Performance, in consultation with their HR strategic partner.
  • In cases of repeated noncompliant behavior, managers should discuss continued utilization of HR78 in consultation with their respective HR Strategic Partner, which could lead to termination of the employee.