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Penn State recognizes the challenges faced by graduate students as they continue in their studies and in their teaching and research responsibilities during the pandemic. Student health and safety is Penn State’s highest priority, and supervisors of graduate students involved in research, teaching and other activities, and graduate student advisers, are being asked to provide flexibility for their graduate students due to ongoing COVID-19-related disruptions.

Graduate students are encouraged to visit the Graduate School’s COVID-19 Updates webpage to find the latest guidance for a variety of topics, including information for graduate students serving as instructors or teaching assistants; information for graduate students conducting research for their thesis or dissertation, or as part of a research assistantship; and information on exceptions and adjustments to academic policies. Graduate students should reach out to their adviser, supervisor or graduate program to discuss their individual circumstances as needed. Additional academic-related resources and information can be found at Penn State’s Keep Learning website.

Additionally, there is national recognition that students of color can encounter challenges during their graduate careers that impact their retention beyond those experienced by other students. Graduate students who are Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color who may have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic can always reach out to the Office of Graduate Educational Equity Programs within the Graduate School, along with multicultural leaders in each college, for support and guidance. 

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